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The OSK line of products use a common expansion card connector on which customers and third parties can design custom add-ons to add to the OSK's functionality. Here is a list of currently available products:

Logic Product Development

Logic Product Development is a provider of development kits, training and design services with expertise including OMAP products, FPGAs and PCB design. Its highlighted OMAP related products include:

  • Support Services - Logic has paid support contracts for reasonable prices to answer OMAP and OSK related questions. Especially useful if your project has stalled because Logic has the resources to provide anything from answering a few simple questions to completing the entire project for you.
  • Logic PD Kickstart Program - A combination of training and service contracts to help engineers get familiar with OMAP chips and development tools. Also includes instruction on ARM/DSP interaction.
  • OMAP Starter Kit (OSK) Bundle with a Logic PD Kickstart Program - A bundle consisting of a Spectrum Digital OSK5912, a Spectrum Digital XDS510 USB JTAG Emulator, Code Composer Studio for OMAP and a Mistral LCD board (see below). Available from the TI eStore.

Please visit for more information.

Mistral Software Q-VGA 320x200 LCD Board

The Q-VGA board is a 320x200, active matrix LCD display with a white LED frontlight. Four user defined buttons and a 5 position joystick allow for simple user input. Linux display drivers are available. Please visit:

for more information.

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