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OSK5912 BSL Examples Index

The OSK5912 highlights five examples that are designed specifically to work with components on the OSK5912 board. The LED example demonstrates the simplest use of the BSL, a function that blinks a LED.

The tone illustrates use of the codec. The tone example uses the BSLís codec functions to generate a sine wave on the OSK5912ís audio outputs using polled I/O.

The compact flash test is used to communicated directly with a compact flash card.

The general test illustrates the use of all peripherals on board the OSK5912.

The examples are designed to be read in order, which each example increasing in complexity and scope. They are designed to illustrate specific points as well as provide working base projects on top of which you can build your own code.

Follow these links to the examples:

Name Description
LED LED blinking example.
CFlash Reads and Writes to a Compact Flash card
SetMac Sets MAC Address.
Tone Generates a 1KHz stereo tone.
Test General board test (uses most of the BSL API modules, good source for sample code).
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