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Spectrum Digital JTAG Emulators

Installing a Spectrum Digital XDS510USB JTAG Emulator

Step 1: Download the driver installer

Download the latest Spectrum Digital emulation drivers using this link. You can save this file in any directory. At this point, you should already have Code Composer Studio installed. But the emulator should not be plugged in.

Step 2: Run the installer

Run the SetupOMAP_CCS22004.EXE application downloaded in step #1. It will prompt you for an installation directory. Please respond with the location of your Code Composer installation directory. For example, if Code Composer is installed in c:\ti, the driver should also be installed in c:\ti.

Step 3: Connect the emulator to your PC

Connect the emulator to your PC through a USB cable. When it is first plugged in, the red USB-ACTIVE light will light for about one second then turn off. Windows will pop up its "Add New Hardware" wizard. Select the Install from a specific location option. Now select "Search for the best driver" option and use the browse function to include specdig/xds510usb subdirectory of your Code Composer installation.

Step 4: Test your emulator

Connect the emulator to your target board through the 14-pin JTAG header and power your target. Launch the SDConfig utility from its blue desktop icon. The top left panel is an I/O port address selector with each emulator using a different I/O address based on its connection type and the number of emulators installed. The I/O port address for a single USB emulator is 0x510. Select 0x510 and use the Emulator --> Test option to check the connection all the way to the target. The emulator target scan chain length will be printed in the output window if successful (50 for an OMAP5910 or OMAP5912).

Manual Configuration
This section is for users who want to configred their board manually rather than use the automatic import process described above:

  1. Launch Code Composer Setup and remove your current configuration (listed in the left pane under "My System").
  2. Drag your emulator configuration from the "Available Board Types" in the middle pane to the left pane to create a new board configuration. The word "hetero" in a name implies that it has support for heterogeneous debug (support for multiple processor types at the same time) and is designed to work with OMAP style multi-core devices.
  3. Fill out the scan chain configuration, for an OMAP5910 or an OMAP5912 the scan chain looks like this:

  4. Attach GEL files to each processor. The GEL file is run when Code Composer Studio starts up to do processor specific initialization.

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